Really slow Diablo III download speed

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Yeah, I've been struggling with it all night reading various old posts about it. This worked great. Thanks for going back and putting the answer right in your first post. Appreciate it!
any ideas for a fix like that on a mac?
yea any ideas for a fix on mac???
This fixed my DL issues! Thanks!!
worked instantly, 600kb every 5-10 seconds to a solid 1.2mb/s!
Thanks a lot Dinks!
I tried your suggestion and my download speed jumped from 40kb/s to 1,800kb/s. Downloaded a gig in about five minutes. It's 11:30pm here. I might be able to play by 12:00.

Thanks again.
Thanks a million. Downloading at 3.8MBps.
I have the same problem, i don't have any router / firewall. I've called my ISP and they're not throttling peer-to-peer traffic or blocking any whay am i still downloading at 128 kb/s when i tried to download some random stuff and it worked perfectly??

The launcher keeps telling me that i haven enabled firewall and i'm not...

Also tried everything i've read but still not working....
Thank you! Thanks to this post, my download is finally moving again. It's been stuck at 10% for hours (I went to bed and got up and it was at the same spot).
Worked great! went from super slowwww to constant 3mb/sec
i had to troubleshoot for 2 hours just to get to the step of downloading this game. i am currently downloading at approximately 900 kb/s ever since i unchecked the Auto Detect Settings box in internet options. it seems insanely slow for most of the things i have downloaded in the past but looking at your guys response i guess i am lucky. maybe try restarting your computer after you fixed your LAN settings and see if that helps any?
It works... My download speed was all over the place 500kbs, 900kbs, 300kbs -- very volatile.. Unchecked the 'auto detect' settings box and now constant 1.2mbs yay!
Ok, i'm bad luck Brian u got me...
nice! it worked! went from 0 to 4mbs
In order to resolve this issue, I had to do the following:

Go to Control Panel > Network Connections > Internet Options > Connections Tab > Lan Settings > Uncheck the "Automatically Detect Settings"

This changed my download speed from 56kbps to over 3mbps.


thx man
How depressing to hear this "Auto Detect Settings" working for everybody in the whole world but me :(
The Detect thingy helped me too ..from 300kb to 6 megas TY
I went from 100 kb/s to 390 kb/s but now its back down. Guess that wasnt the fix for mine =/
ssue, I was 3+ mb/s for 60% of the download, and then dropped to 50kb/s and below (sometimes reaching as low as flipping 20kb/s) and been hanging out there ever since.

I'd like some information on why this could be a

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