Can anyone clear this up for me?

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On the 11th i pre-purchased and downloaded the installer through blizzards downloader.

I had trouble so i went to re-download it through my account.

Now it downloads Diablo-III-setup-enUS.exe. When i run this it looks kind of like a the WoW launcher and it is downloading. (this is not what i downloaded on the 11th)

Will i need to run the installer after this finishes or does it download and install it all in one? Because i see the Play button in grey.

Is this the new and improved digital download copy that wasn't released on the 11th?

Thanks in advance if anyone can shed a little light on this for me!
Anyone out there?
I had to finish the DL and then click the Install button. Then go to my account and activate the game or something then finish the install.

I have a fairly fast conection (DL'd at 5.50-5.60M/s) and it took about an hour total between the DL and the install.

Good luck Have fun!

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