Failed to run required program (Agent)

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You have an EU account and only play on the EU region. Please post your problem in the European Technical Support forum so they can assist.
Just thought I'd post this in case it helps anyone.

T tried all the solutions here but nothing worked, I then started messing with IE, updating it to latest, changing the connection setting (no LAN) and it just started working, so something in IE/flash was blocking it previously.
Take your IE out of Work offline mode:
  • Open Internet Explorer, Press Alt + F and uncheck Work offline.

While at it (Still on IE), click on Tools > Internet options > Connections tab > and select Never dial a connection.

After changing that option to never dial a connection, click on LAN Settings and uncheck every single check box there.

this work for me

i set up a dial up connection and i got above error.

hope that help
nothing mentioned here works and I'm getting quite pi*sed after 5 hours of trying to fix the darn game without any results

I tryed everything , but finally finded Barthus method . Now works ! Thanks for your posts !
It worked.. thanks.. its been a 3 days problem and solved..
Did the thing with IE and it worked. I don't even use Internet Explorer, why on Earth does it have anything to do with the Diablo 3 installer/update agent?

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