Max Fury Popcorn Build


Alright the idea here is to do a LOT of single target damage while still being able to dish out the pain against groups. The setback is that it is a glass cannon and will require help from allies and life leech itemization BIGTIME.

Bash: Clobber
Bash does huge damage to a single target and is a Fury Generator, making it an ideal choice for my main attack. Keeping my Fury maxed and doing damage are my priorities here, Bash does both of these. Being a glass cannon it helps to be able to stunlock your enemy. With the Frenzy IAS buff, Clobber will do just that.
Rune could be substituted for Punish, making SS stronger for non-boss fights and making Bash stronger for boss fights. Could also be substituted for Onslaught for tough champions and bosses, or Pulverize to increase AoE effectiveness.

Frenzy: Maniac
Makes Bash a beast. 150% weapon damage at 75% increased attack speed, with the 20% damage buff makes my damage HUGE.
With the increased attack speed, using this for the buff and Bash as my damage dealer, I should be able to bash and get in a Frenzy to keep the buff up at all times, making Bash incredibly powerful. Has to stay.

Ancient Spear: Grappling Hooks
Initiation, keeps Brawler up, gives us three targets to start beating down before the other enemies arrive.
A necessity, can't run this build without this as it allows initiation without getting into the thick of things with no escape. Also keeps up Brawler.

Seismic Slam: Shattered Ground
This ability when combined with Weapons Master makes it a great choice for this build. It helps burn down the groups of weaker guys and allows us to keep our focus on only three guys at a time (coupled with ancient spear, knock 'em back to use the spear on 'em)
Obvious necessity, can't be changed. Being the glass cannon that this is, I can't afford to get swarmed and this will prevent that from happening.

Furious Charge: Dreadnaught
Gap closer and also a panic button if I get attacked from all sides, serving as a huge heal in tight spots and also allowing me to break away from being surrounded to a better position for seismic slam.
This could be swapped for Overpower to increase damage output as well as to replace the heal, but leave me immobile when surrounded. Alternatively, could be replaced with Leap, leaving me with virtually no health regeneration.

Battle Rage: Marauder's Rage
Guaranteed buff, no explaining here.
Obviously must stay as-is, stacking extra damage is the key to this build.

Weapons Master is to speed up rage generation to make up for Seismic Slam Spam for knocking back enemies.
Weapons Master has to stay in this build for non-boss fights where I need to use Seismic Slam but would also like to keep Berserker Rage up as often as possible, since it dampens the blow to my Fury pool

Berserker Rage is because for bosses I'll be using Bash and Frenzy primarily so the damage is pretty necessary there.
Berserker Rage is necessary since this is a single target build with AoE to make MFing easier, yet allowing me to down bosses efficiently without switching specs. I won't be using SS on bosses too much, and as it is my only Fury dump, it would be a waste not to have this.

Brawler is there for increasing my damage in non-boss mobs.
Brawler could be replaced with Inspiring Presence, giving me a bit of a heal over time and reducing the amount of Fury I have to sink into Battle Rage. Juggernaut is also an option when enemy CC becomes a problem.

+75% damage (105% with Brawler) constant
+75% IAS (almost) constantly
Knockback for survivability
Furious Charge heal for survivability and mobility
Huge damage on Bash to dish out the punishment.

Frenzy only increases the AS of Frenzy.

Bubble = burst.
Were you in closed beta weekend? Because I only got to play in open beta but I think you're wrong.
Just read the tooltip carefully, and you'll see the problem.
Oh yep, you're right. Well, that's a bummer. Time to re-think this.
One option, use the punish rune on bash, and use frenzy with maniac rune as your main attack. Start off with a couple bashes to get punish activated for an extra 18% damage, then start with your frenzy attack to get the attack speed up, then just throw in a bash every once in a while to keep the punish rune activated.
^ That would work.!cYV!cbccca
there's my take on max fury build, which I will hopefully be using in inferno. With bash rune up to max and frenzy buff up at max, frenzy will be doing 218% weap dmg (with sword/dagger), plus 75% attack speed (plus another 15% for dual wield) should be doing tons of damage and still be able to survive being beat on (hopefully)

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