Zero D/L Speed

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So earlier this morning I got the installer to 93% even though my d/l speed stayed really low (like 54k/s). Then it got stuck at 93% and my d/l speed was at 0. So I exited the installer thinking maybe my connection timed out and re opened the D3 Launcher. Then it got stuck at 0% saying Updating Blizzard Launcher. So I thought maybe I messed something up by exiting the installer. So I uninstalled D3 and re-installed using the pre launch downloader. Now I am stuck at 77% with 0 d/l speed. I realize a lot of people are trying to d/l but I should have something shouldn't I? Even if its 0.01k/s. Anyone else having this issue? I've disabled all my firewalls and antivirus and still nothing.
I have the same issue. Sad thing is I'm uploading 100kbps and not getting any download at all. I'm also stuck at 77%
Well I disabled p2p this time around, and it just finished. This might be what the issue was.

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