failed updating setup files...

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Ive purchased the digital copy of the game... completed the download. When i load the diablo III launcher it searches for updates and completes 90% then force stops. Ive tried several suggestiona including deleting the folder and restarting the download. I have closed all firewalls virua protectors etc. I have checked the secondary logon as well...I run as admin and im using vista.. i cant help to wonder if i can find resolution to this befote midnight :( please help. Thank you.
That usually happens when something is disrupting the Agent. I'm not sure what firewalls you have, but some require you to explicitly allow Agent.954\Agent.exe through. ContentWatch/NetNanny also causes this.
Ill check i have disabled all security. Firewalls. Antivirus etc.i dont even know what net nanny is.... maybe its a router security?

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