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Hey, My battle-net account is EU based (for wow ect) I'm just not sure if Diablo is subject to certain areas. Does it matter what client i use?
Client doesn't matter as long as you select the right region on the login screen BEFORE you login.
Can the region be changed later? What is best for us in Aus (When i go back to England i want to go to Eu)
the only reason I downloaded the EU was my assumption of GB english in that client as opposed to USA English. (small differences in spellings)
Blizz is enabling global play after it launches everywhere around the world, so you will be able to change your region in a day or 2, for now though you have to connect to whatever one is set in your account.

Just remember when you change region you can't transfer characters etc
I dont know if EU will be unplayable from here
Yeah kinda only one way to find that one out mate =/


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