Game Key for digital download?

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Hi, I started installing D3 and I was told to go set up my account... which I already have. But I guess I thought I needed to take this step, and when I followed the link, it asks me for a game key, which I don't have - because it was a digital download. So can I just ignore this step, wait for the install to complete, and start playing at midnight? Any answers would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
go to your account (upper right side), on "GAMES" it should say Diablo III standard edition. If it's there, you got d3, and u're ready to play.
Thanks, SsTConquerz. That seems to be the case. I suppose I should pay a bit more attention to what is actually going on, and not be so distracted by the potential awesomeness that I will be experiencing at midnight!
thank you this helped me alot i was like wtf is this??? thanks again!!!

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