Boj Anglers - Redundant Affixes?

Items and Crafting

On these...

One of 2 Magic Properties (varies)
Attack Speed Increased by 12-13%
Increases Attack Speed by 12-13%

Is there any actual difference in this choice of properties?
Ha good catch, no clue.
probably a typo... cause if these mean different effects than it's pretty bad naming
hahahaahah true that
i have these and they do not affect my attack speed.... i don't get it help
I saw this too, was wondering.
i think its your overall attack speed is increased by 12-13%
and the other one is that your attack speed on your weapon is increased by 12-13%?
Just got these too. The attack speed on them doesn't seem to do anything.
works for me - maybe only one of those properties work ?

//edit:: I have the same as in quiver

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