Having issue Downloading, Problem with file.

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The file im downloading off my account management download digital copy page thing, is called


which runs just fine, however... i have yet to download the game, why can i not download the downloader?

Is the link messed up on the webcode or something?

I read in a different post to get

however i can not find the downloader program to download, the page im taken to allows me to download the downloader for every other game blizzard has, but when i do the d3 windows link, it just gives me the setup file, which does nothing
That is the correct installer I believe... that is the file i use just got done installing no problems
When it opens up, it has me go threw a Terms of agreement thingy, and then goes to what looks like a launcher program, with an install bar on the bottom, but like i said i have yet to be able to actually download anything, and this program's menu's are grayed out,

BTW im running it in ADMIN mode, and firewall is off atm for this
It just stays stuck at 0% progress, on the install bar on the bottom, with everything aside from the menu links to the website, grayed out
Would anyone happen to have any ideas, or perhaps the directions to acquire the real downloader file so that i can actually download the game before it tries to install it?
NVM Solved this issue,

The current download link on the website (atleast for me WIN 7 64 bit, Running Chrome Fully Updated) is not correct at the moment,

I did find a link the downloader however, and now its actually downloading ;)

the Link ont he account management page is currently just the install file, it does nothing without a downloader ;) might wanna fix that blues.
Do you have the link, I need it too! D:

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