ERROR: the file enGB_Cutscene-md5.lst could n

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My installer gets to 4% then an error pops up and the installer closes, the error reads something like:

ERROR: the file enGB_Cutscene-md5.lst could not be opened. (ReadInterleavedMD5List-Header)
WARNING: Tjhe File "C:\Games\DiabloIII.temp\Data_D3.temp\PC.temp\MPQs.temp\enGB_Cutscene.mpq.temp" could not be deleted.
and so on.....

Any help would be warmly received :)
I have the exact same problem.
same exact problem here also
Exact same problem. It's installing from the disc. Why in the name of heck is it having problems? I activated the key on my account and I'm trying to install the game by downloading it, but I'm having problems with that as well.
I fixed the problem. All you have to do is go into your control panel-->windows firewall-->allow a program/app through firewall. Then all you do is browse to the DVD and add the Diablo 3 setup .exe to the list of allowed applications through the firewall.
I also have that problem for now.
I'm running the installation as Administrator as well.
I'm confused hehe!
Ah my error :) Well, it's working on one of my PC, the one at work isn't that cooperative with me :) Will try some other things later today!

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