Is my internet fast enough for single player?

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I get a consistent download speed of around 50 Kb/s. Will I be able to play single player without lag? My computer is top notch so the only factor is the internet speed.

Yes, I am upset about the internet required thing, but I just want to know if I can play. I can't play WOW with this speed, but things like League of Legends is, well, playable. Any ideas? It isn't worth it to buy if I can't swing a sword or cast a spell with a second lag.
You should be fine. Just make sure absolutely nothing else is running in the background that has any sort of interactions with the internet.
So I need to kick my wife off facebook when I want to play :)
i think she can surf facebook just dont let her open any video or play farmville.
wow you play with other people and more factors are involved
jus make sure your game is private so no one else can join you and maybe youll be find on lowest settings.

also its 2012....
wtf? why do you have 50kbs isp speed? are you out in the desert of now where? whos ur ISP?
I live pretty far out in the country, and the only internet I can get outside of dialup and satellite is a service that runs off of radio signals and I get roughly 100kbps (sometimes a little lower).

Of course, even when I'm on the lower end (50kbps much like you), I can still play any game such as WoW and even games on XBL just fine (as long as it's not an FPS, I have to be at peak performance on my connection for that to work very well).

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