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Hello, Mac Gamers! I am sure you are just as eager and excited to play Diablo 3 tonight. However, I really wanted to discuss about how well did the Intel HD 3000 Chipset, handle the Beta. Did you like it? What was your graphical settings? Is there a big improvement in textures if you upgraded your ram form 4gigs to 8gigs to increase your GPU memory to 512mb? I had no problems running the game myself on my Macbook Pro 13 2.3 i5 "Early 2011" with 8gigs of ram. I manged to get the textures to high. I am not sure if we were provided the medium settings in the beta, but I really believe that this game is going to run like butter. Please provide your opinion if you have a machine that uses the Intel HD 3000 GPU. Thank You!
you'll definitely want 10.7.3 (or newer), cause that card will have problems with 10.6.8 (apple driver bugs).

no one can give you any accurate measure of performance until the live realms are online, as beta performance issues might not be relevant at this point (we don't know yet). We have to wait and see on that one. (remember, beta was a BETA, not a game demo)
Is 10.7.4 bugged as well?
05/14/2012 02:51 PMPosted by Zulama
Is 10.7.4 bugged as well?

no, that doesn't have the intel 3000 bugs, that should be good to go. Meant to type 10.7.3 or newer (with 10.7.4 being ideal). :)
The beta ran fine on my MacBookPro8,1 (13 inch, early 2011). The one thing to look out for is resolution: the game runs fine on the native display resolution (1280x800), but if you plug an external monitor at, let's say, 1920x1080 then things get choppy.
I am using this graphics card on a 13inch MBP Early 2011. 2.3GHz Intel Core i5 with 4GB of Ram; Lion 10.7.4. When I ran the beta I noticed that with a lot of enemies on screen, the gameplay was laggy. I knocked my settings all down to low and checked the Low FX option to get better performance. I was only able to play live this morning for 10 minutes with the settings on low. Didn't really get to test various resolutions, texture details, ect. Once i checked the "Low FX" box, I started to notice smoother gameplay but cannot confirm this until I get off work to test more. I was disappointed to say the least with my MBP's performance during the beta on high settings. I hope there is something that can be done to allow better performance on this or I will be disappointed.
I don't know for sure if upgrading the Ram of the system to 8GB will really show any changes? I would like some input from someone else on this issue. Thank you guys!
I have got a Mac Mini (2011) 8 GB Ram. The game runs smooth when you turn all settings to low and fps down to 50. Also turn off anti aliasing. The only problem i have is the outline of the bad guys, the red lines are always really crappy looking. Also have this on a 32" vizio
I got a late 2011 13inch mac pro 2.8GHz Intel Core i7 with 8GB of ram and a SSD instead of an HDD. The game runs fine with most settings on high. Turn the shadows down or off and maybe check the low or anti aliasing if your slowing down.

I think upgrading to 4GB to 8GB would probably help a decent amount for the game and your mac in general especially since the HD 3000 is an integrated chip set. Like 40 bucks from OWC to order the upgrade and 10 minutes to install. Doesn't void your apple warranty either so don't worry about that.
Thank you for the advice regarding the RAM. What does OWC stand for? I was just going to buy the ram from Amazon.
05/17/2012 08:33 AMPosted by Kyle
Thank you for the advice regarding the RAM. What does OWC stand for? I was just going to buy the ram from Amazon.
I have the same system with 8GB of ram. On the default settings I get 12fps. I haven't tried turning anything down - I'm just going to bootcamp it until (if) we get a patch.
Hmm I average about 50fps with everything on high but shadows turned off and anti aliasing unchecked. I'm not huge on bootcamp.

Amazon is fine just make sure you get the right speed RAM. OWC is a really reliable source for mac hardware though. Check out the link the other guy provided.
4GB seems reasonable playing this. im on an early 2011, 13inch, 2.7 dual-core i7.

I experience almost no lag (except with multiple screen events happening at the same time)

Im actually amazed at how playable this game is with the integrated chipset.
There is such discrepancy even among the HD3000 users. I am getting okay performance in OS X and PC (the latter runs slightly better). I get 20 or 30 fps depending on certain places and can dip to 10/15 sometimes. It also lags randomly for me.

Im running on the latest macbook air quad core 1.8g i7, 4gb ram, hd3000, lion, windows 7.

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