Can you change the installed region version?

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So, I am on a somewhat limited bandwidth allotment for the month and have a question to ask.

I got my installer through the Pre-Load install offered when I signed on for the Annual Pass. The problem is, I wasnt paying a lot of attention when I downloaded and installed it, and recently noticed that it had Defaulted to giving me the enGB (European English) installer, instead of the enUS (American English) installer like I would have expected (I live in Canada).

Since the option of Re-Downloading the entire 8gigs of installer is not really viable for me, I wanted to ask if there is any way to change the installed version to a different region, or if it wont matter?

For Example, could I install the game from the enGB package, then download the streaming installer for the enUS version and run it and have it overwrite just the region different data? or would that try to install the full 15 gig of uncompressed game instead?

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