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My wife and I both live in Texas and we both pre-ordered the Collector's Edition at Gamestop in Houston.

Her (traditional) chinese is a lot better than her english but she would obviously be playing on the US server with me. I read on Blizzard's website that it is possible to play traditional chinese client on the US Server but it doesnt go into detail on how to do so.

Does anyone know how and where I can download/install the traditional Chinese client?
You will be able to change the language in the game options. After doing so you'll be asked to restart the game and if it's the first time you selected that language the launcher will download the localized files and that's it.
holy jeez that is easy.. thanks!
the typical language selection is only english/spanish.. i hope traditional chinese is there too. If not i hope there will be some sort of langauge pack that i can download for her
Right now they're planning to allow you to pick any of these after installing the enUS client. The list could be changed at any time though. (They're able to add/remove languages at any time they want)
thanks Barthus.. that is very comforting to know that zhTW is on the list.

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