max % thorns damage returned without gear?

with "ignore pain" and the "contempt for weakness" rune we're returning 50% of 65% of the enemy attack. would that be raised to 100% of 65% with the "tough as nails" passive? if so that's a 65% return of enemy damage with ignore pain active. is that the case? also, are there addition thorn sources in barbarian builds i have not found?
Probably not reflected damage is not the same thing as the Thorn stat. At least that would be my guess.
does anyone have info on if any thorn-like ability is effected by the passive, or just those effects specifically labeled as thorn?
Dont you find reflect boring? Seems redundant to me to just reflect damage back at them instead of create your own raw and powerful damage.
Thorns damage on gear isn't a %. It's a fixed value so it's completely independent from the skills you mention. I think the passive only works with the gear.
@Asraemj: variety is the spice of life ;) i cant wait to do some smashing with my barb, but it seems handy to have some thorny goodness to fall back on. i can imagine a fallen swinging a sword at me and having it bounce right back at him off of my giant heaving pecs.

i suppose this thorn business falls in the real of "wait and see"..

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