Game Key for digital download. WHERE IS IT???

Technical Support
I bought the digital download. and am installing the game right now but on my account it is asking for a game key. I dont remember ever getting a game key from my digital download.

Can someone help me out?
There are two buttons there bro. One to activate, one if your account is already active.

You bought a copy while logged into your account. It's already active.
^^ lol...doesn't deserve to play.
I didn't get this. It just asked if I needed to register. Select the "I already did it" option and you're good to go.
There isn't one for digital DL. Double check to make sure the game is listed as active on your account.

When installing, you SHOULD have an option to bypass registration. Something along the lines of "I've already registered." If you don't, check the tech support forums for help.
You don't need any key if it is a virtual version of the game ... you just push already donne in the install.
If you are installing the game right now then it already activated to your account, meaning if you can go to your account and it has diablo 3 listed as one of your games then its activated already. The game key is for people who bought disc.
Just click I have already activated D3 problem solved.
There are like 10 posts on this on the first page............jeebus!!!!

Your game is already the button that says "already activated"
lmao alright thanks guys. I was confused because it literally was like "go here to activate your game"

so i was like HOW DO I ACTIVATE IT. lol...

I think there is an option to say "I have already validaded my game" or something like that. Isn't it?
Try telling the asians that they don't need a cd-key on their digital copies to sign in and see how that goes...
I do agree that a confirmation email when you purchased the digital version with details on game activation would have been nice, it stressed me out :P
Dont need one. Just gotta activate it under your account. Mine installed in like 15 mins. Watched the opening cinematic and got to log in screen. No key needed.

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