Why isnt there an answer for the 1% stuck

Technical Support
This has been to so much people here , and i seen no mod of blizzard even trying to help this issues, seen alot of people just given answer by the things they can repair but to answer this and tell us atleast wait for a fix they cant say.
I will be more then happy to know u dont have a fix for it and make us wait , then sittin here and getting pissed every second.
After browsing for about 30 minutes, it seems that while the downloader stays at 1%, the game seems to actually be downloading. At least for me, I got over to my Diablo III folder in my Program Files folder, right click on it and choose properties to check out the size of it. It is constantly getting bigger, so I'm hoping the progress bar on the downloader is just lagging, and it's really downloading.

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