What You Wearing!!???

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Sunglasses, baseball cap,...wait that's it.
A dress with blood on it, and screaming AHHH Fresh Meat to the displeasure of the people in my company
Ned Flanders said it best.... "Nothin at all!"
05/14/2012 06:19 PMPosted by Ishtar
Just a bra.

Live stream?
A two, NAY a three button single breasted medium weight worsted wool suit. Going with the standard American cut.
A monocule, top hat, and a scuba suit with a pair of comfortable crocodile skin moccasins.
my wizard robe and cape

but seriously

gonna let my nuts hang today and just wear a robe for the next 72 hours
Clothes? Where we're going we don't need clothes...
is this supposed to incite dirty responses?
Birthday suit.
Naked with knee high socks.
Shorts, TShirt and a Glock by my side
my girlfriends thong:)

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