telling me to insert a disk for digital copy

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i have the wow annual pass and when i clicked on my already downloaded game it asked for a game key, i clicked that i already did it because the annual pass bypasses it i think( if not where is the game key). and when i click it it tells me that i removed the disk when there isnt even a disk to insert! please help.
Your installation files are either incomplete or corrupted. Go into the folder where you put the installer, and look for any files that end in .part

Delete them, and re-run the downloader.

If there aren't any .part files, or if it does not get resolved, you need to delete all of the installation files and start over.
darn. it didnt work thatks for your time anyway ill redownload
just log into your account and re-d/l the game so far its d/l and installing just fine with a similar installer like wow uses

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