Launcher vs. Setup vs. "Diablo III"

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I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this. This is also probably a dumb question.

From what it looks like, in the folder you get after the download and installation, you get two launchers it seems. One is called "Diablo III" and the other is "Diablo III Launcher" and I'm just wondering if there is a redundancy there because I'd like to delete files I don't need. I plan on moving the game launch file to ~/Applications and making the folder hidden so it would be useful to know which one I should be using. I'd also like to delete the setup file, so I'm wonder if that matters. Thanks in advance.
D3 Launcher launches the D3 App.

The D3 App launches the Launcher.

So both of those are needed. Leave both in the D3 folder and just Alias the D3 Launcher.

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