cant download D3

Technical Support
i got the wow annual pass, and tried to download diablo 3 client, but says i cant because of age restrictions. how can i download the game???
Can you be more specific? Is this a message you're getting from Blizz or from your PC, (you're in a school or library, or your parents? might have set some controls up).
The game is rated M 17+ so you need to be old enough to do so. If you are a minor then your parents need to do it. If you mistakenly put in the wrong age then just clear the browser cache and cookies and then try again. If that fails you can use a different browser.
Im 23 years old and it wont let me download... Is this real
Whatever I put that my birthday year was 1973 instead of 1989 and it worked. Blows my mind away that it wont let me play as a 23 year old. Must be a glitch

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