Stuck at Diablo III Setup

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I am trying to pre-download Diablo III. I downloaded the client from Blizzard. When i opened it everything was moving fine then it go stuck about 1/3 of the way through on Updating setup files....
Im not sure what i should do...any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Same here. Downloaded client from Blizzard, ran setup, and stuck at 33% for a couple hours. The download rate and amount left has disappeared. There are the words "Game is up to date." Is this normal?

Running 10.6.8 here.


Update: Maybe it is normal?? When I quit the installer, and tried running setup again, it went to the cinematic, and login screen. Maybe like WoW, once you log in when the servers are will need to download other stuff...
Same here! Same thing happened with MoP beta...I eventually gave up trying to get into MoP beta.

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