Error 12 "NZ" - Frustrating, anyone else ?

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I guessing this Error 12 Is showing because servers are down until 7pm - 15 - 5 - 2012.

Is is also true that digital downloads have to be manually verified by admin even if the servers are up ?

- Hyperkaine
If you downloaded the default version we were given (enGB) then when in the game change the region in the options menu from EU to the Americas. This should give you error 33 instead, which I believe means the servers are not yet up.
mine is error 33, shows server maintenance, guess have to wait then
totally off topic here but which area of NZ ..Gisborne here
05/14/2012 08:14 PMPosted by WinterXI
totally off topic here but which area of NZ ..Gisborne here

Servers are not up yet, unless your from Asia or Europe you cannot play.
Check the sticky for Australian / NZ and Southern Asia unlock times. Anyone in the US region can't play for another 4ish hours.

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