WARNING! Game breaking bug spotted error 3006

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dont trade your equipped shield with the templar! the game boots you out and you cant log back until blizzard notices and fixes this issue


copying this from the EU forums, dont know the issue will surface in the US but better be safe than sorry, wouldnt want anyone elses release day getting ruined
Bump - to be safe. Thanks for the heads up
Oh wow thanks for the heads up!
Bump. I got no clue what that is since i am new player but i guess its better for this to be at top.
Thanks alot for the heads up

also created a report on technical support forum, I hope that none of you will experience this issue

spread the word :D dont let fellow gamers locked out of the game after waiting 11 years ^_^
Ty man :)
bump so that more people see this. I created a similar thread too but it got buried quite quickly.
Uh...solution: play with a RL friend.

Then the templar is a non-issue.

Thanks for sharing the information. I believe I read somewhere that this issue was reported during the beta as well.
lol that's a hilarious bug.
wooow... I'm not even going to allow the Templar to travel with me lol...

EDIT: Does the bug only occur when you drag your equipped shield to him? Can I give him a shield from my inventory and be safe?
thx for the info, definitely looks to be a very common problem. I'll be leaving my templar alone!!!! on another note can you redo the skill tree for a companion?
You don't need to use the followers, solo it.
Thanks for the heads up. Bump :)

Everyone click the request sticky button.
Jondar cursed him before he died. Touche Jondar.

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