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Ive done pretty much absolutely every single thing i could gather from combing over the forums for the last five hours, but i still haven't found a solution to my problem. I will say one interesting development to my problem, initially it would freeze at around 35% now it will get to about 95% on occasion but if i delete the agent.exe from my task manager it will drop down to around 60% or so and will gradually raise back up but freeze again.

<edit> feel as though i must also state that when i clear the agent and it gets back up to 95% it says its about to launch the blizzard launcher, but then falls back down again.

Here's the fix ladies and gents. Is updating fine now.

Considering your "fix" was posted 4 days ago and is a sticky, one might believe i had already done said fix. like i said earlier, nothing has worked.
yep did not help.

i have done all the steps aswell but nothing will work, i have downloaded the US version, the UE version and also have an Australian hardcopy, all ofwhich will not work.

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