So I finally DL Diablo 3 when...

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time to move on with new CPU
I love listening to others misfortune.

LoL. You must be running a Voodoo

VooDoo cards were the !@#$ back in the early/mid 90's!

I remember my VooDoo 2 card. big bux back then. Good times.

Totally had this conversation with my physical the*@%@%! a few weeks ago.

Good times.
You cant expect a company to develop games with the past in mind. Its up to you to place a value on how much your hobby is worth to you. In college I was willing to cut the quality of meals I had in order to upgrade things to play the newest games. Its a thing people learn has they grow up and gain responsibilities.

Nvidia GeForce....? Numbers sir, numbers!

Go to

Select Option 2 and click the button that says Graphics Drivers

It will scan your hardware, tell you what card you have and if there are driver updates for it.

Thanks, gonna give it a shot. it's asking me to update my Java too so that's not a happy idea. I'll reply when I get results.

Want to try actually telling us what card you have?

Also - if you know absolutely nothing about computers you should making whine threads like this. Ask for help, sure. But this just makes you look very stupid. No offense.
mine is GT330 but it says not enough too...
296.10? whats that mean? kinda clueless on that.

is it a bad thing is NVIDIA assumes the driver is for Vista when I run 7?
Help me guys. I can play diablo 2 fine but diablo 3 is not working!!? what is this madness?
05/14/2012 09:52 PMPosted by secrete
LoL. You must be running a Voodoo

Might even be a Rage 128, or S3 Savage.
All of a sudden it says my video card is not supported for Diablo 3. what gives? would it have killed Blizz to not push too far for graphics? here I am waiting for the chance to play, then POOF, all because of an unsuprted card, I cant play?

not cool Blizz. not cool!

You had four fricken years of development to find out what minimum specs were for this game.

Explain to me how your failure is Blizzard's fault?
Well I only got a note telling me my drivers could be out of date so I breathed a sigh of relief and hit the "yeah and button?" to play to check it out and met Error 33(B-net is down for mantiance[which it will keep saying till 12:01 west coast US]).

Oh well. Not sure how much of D3 I'll actually play but I can wait untill tomorrow. Just came to the forums looking for what the Error 33 was.
05/14/2012 10:05 PMPosted by PMurph
Hey, I need help getting D3 to work on my commodore 64. First thing I need to know is where I can I insert my installation cd

Going have to find you a copy for Diablo 3 that is on a big big floppy disk. probably will need a truck to haul all the disc home.

Hope this helps.
If you're going to play PC games. Get a good video card, period. I just got a new power supply and a GTX550ti, running on an otherwise stock Gateway computer that cost me 500 dollars a few months ago. Plays Skyrim on Ultra.
Its Time To Upgrade recently upgraded to GTX 580. but i played diablo beta on a gt 240. there like $40 Dollars online now :/
296.10? whats that mean? kinda clueless on that.

is it a bad thing is NVIDIA assumes the driver is for Vista when I run 7?

296.10 is probably the latest NVIDIA driver version.
My 9200mgs is not listed, for playing when i travel :(
I had the same error pop up when I just hit the play button and I have a GTX 580 and the drivers are updated. I just clicked no, and it let me right on through anyway. Seemed to just give me the error for no reason. I ran the beta perfectly fine on high settings.
you have like 2 hrs to get a working video card...get on it

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