Waiting 3 hours to play is BS

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You obviously havent read a single thread on here and sound as if your one of the kids you are accusing the pacific people of being.
There are countless threads already outlining the problems that the asia launch had, they are fixing these problems, and as any of blizz games, launch and major patch days there are almost always delays and problems... They brought the servers down to fix these problems and give them the time needed to do so.

In other words, this has nothing to do with california, or if the people there waiting are kids or not... its all about you being impatient and going strait here to make a post without even reading to see if there is a logical reason that isnt as accusatory and assumptive as yours is.
a few hours is honestly nothing, there are people still stuck in lines at midnight launches that are trying to by physical copies so be happy.
westcoast ftw
Stop whining. It's currently almost 5pm on the 15th here in New Zealand, I've been waiting 17 hours and counting since midnight on the 15th to play....because the server (the one server for the America region - please remember, WoW is a different game than Diablo) goes live in 2 hours....always has, always will.

If you want to complain about why there isn't a dedicated server for the East coast - that might be valid...and again I'll trump you with the fact that Australia and New Zealand have to play with pings connecting to the US, rather than having a local server.

If it bugs you that much, you could always not play. One less person loading up the servers when I'm logging in.
What is this the first time people have ever waited for a release...? lol, quit acting like a bunch of spoiled children
i cant even install
thank you star child and lash is just saying that becasue in this case it works for him/her. He/she would be complaining if they didnt live in cali
I wish that was the worst thing that ever happened to me.

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