Can't open diablo 3 setup

Mac Technical Support
You buy the operating system off of Apple's website.

It's so stupid.

Blizzard, all of your other games work fine with 10.5.8, please fix D3 so it can too.
this is silly! I just bought the game so that I can purchase snow leopard or lion???
In order to purchase LION you have to have snow leopard installed.
how do u know if ur using the blizzard presale or the new d3?
I'm using OS 10.6.8 and it wants me to install the game every time I try to play. It's also telling me "Data required to install this game could not be found."

I purchased the game last night at Bestbuy; I have restarted my computer, checked for updates etc. I'm searching through the mac troubleshooting but either not finding the solution or overlooking the solution.

Anyone know how to fix this!?
Ok so I DL'd the digital client and now it had to reinstall. It finally let me play the game, lets hope it does not make me go through this every time.
just get snow leopard. Both D3 beta & D2 worked just fine for me, until i purchased & downloaded Lion. now i can't get either to work
wow this is so wack..... u cant have 10.5.8. ..... D2 worked fine on it.... so D3 just went from 70 dollars to 100 dollars!!! EVERYONE USING MAC NEEDS LEOPARD OR HIGHER..
Apparently everyone using a Mac needs SnowLeopard or higher. 10.6.1 or higher. This is why people get upset, tech issues should be clarified and simplified before a game like this is launched. WTF?????
Ya, so I have to order Snow Leopard and then add Lion. What the hell is Apple doing? This is not creating a client friendly environment...
lot's of simple i mac users here :(
is it true blizzard?do we also have to oay for the leppard to play the game?
I have the same problem i paid 60.00 American Dollars for it and now all i get is" Error".
why did i buy a mac? why did i buy diablo 3? and am i really contemplating spending another 30 on snow leopard or lion SOB!!
i cant start up the diablo III setup how to fix this problem pls
I am running the latest version of Lion, version 10.7.4

Still, I get the same message: "You cannot use this version of the application Diablo III Setup with this version of Mac OS X."

This is really frustrating.
Followed the steps given by Zoraxana (post 10). Works fine now :)
I'm having the same problem. I'm running 10.5.8 on my mac and have no idea how to fix it. I've tried everything and it still gives me the same problem. Does anyone know how to fix it?
i have trial number and before buying D3 i just download diablo 3 beta to play..
i am trying to run D3 setup file (which is the only file) and it doesn't do anythink

i have an iMac OS X 10.6.8 (snow leopard)
2.8Ghz intel core 2duo
4GB ram

what i suppose to do to play?

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