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Me and my group of 4 are planning to hit the game tonight at 3AM EST and are trying to find the best way for voice communication. I used to use ventrilo on WoW but I never had a host server and we are all cheap.

Any suggestions on free services that would allow the 4 of us to talk tonight using either headsets or built in mics?

Thanks for any tips! (Sorry n00b question)
skype is really easy to use and its free~
last time a checked (which was over a year ago). RaidCall was free
You can also use C3
skype yo
I'm all for skype too, really easy to use.
private Vent...up to 10 people I believe, but one must host.
Private Ventrilo. Easy to set up, and you have complete control over it. 8 people maximum.
Skype -- Free, can have several people on it at once, very easy to set up and very good sound quality.
u can use Teamspeak.. its like Raidcall and Ventrillo.. im using TeamSpeak ^^
Mumble, just use a public server and have your friends join that address and you guys can talk!
vent is like 28$ for 1 year Cheep for a 10 slot
Skype, of course, but Steam's voice chat is also excellent (and "powered by Skype," at that) if your friends are on Steam.
I've installed a free vent server. 8 slots...plenty for a DIII party. Easy to set up and low BW.
I'm using Skype right now and I'm liking the clarity.
skype. servers are so 2004.
skype eats your memory so bad. I hate skype. If you play wow see if your guild will let you use use thier vent or teamspeak and be in a different room. I am sure they will let you.
I use Dolby Axon. Free and it's never let me down before. Granted, I've only ever used it with one other person before on multiple occasions (playing Diablo 2 while waiting for D3). I'm not sure what the bandwidth usage or user capacity is though.

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