New to Diablo, need advice

hey guys ive never played diablo so i was wondering if i could get some advice on a build. I will try and stack a decent amount of lifesteal through items and use that to help my survivability!gZU!caZcZc

thats the build

a few things i was wondering is apparently rend is very small aoe and so i thought maybe the ravage ruin would be better for lifesteal to hit more people than bloodlust? not really sure how aoe lifesteal works. Also originally i had battle rage(marauder rune) instead of seismic slam. I thought the knock back and aoe damage would be more usefull especially when i can spam it under 20% if i get into trouble.

I'll most likely use a 2hander, but switch to sword and board if i need the extra defense

Thanks for any help :)

Edit:it looks like you can have a max of 6% lifesteal from gear so might swap brawler for bloodthirst
When it comes to life-taps, my experience has taught me that faster hits pay off. You might consider leaving open the possibility of a dual wield arrangement.
yeh i feel i should probably go dual wield, but 2 handers are just so much cooler hahaha. If it limits me enough ill switch to dual, but im happy as long as it doesnt gimp my character by too much. Thanks for the input though its definitely something ive thought about
"Normal" difficulty has barely any damage in it. You wont need any defence at all, or at most 1 skill/ability. One of the best skills for Normal is Leap. Even if you do find yourself in a tight spot, just jump away!!! :)
05/14/2012 07:57 PMPosted by JayMonay
lol bro, install diablo 2 play a frenzy barb: 2x weapons > 1 sillay weapon.

they claim that all builds are viable, so hopefully 2handers have a place.

granted i'll probably be a dw barb all the way but I love to change it up for variety and still be effective.
I'm either going dual wield or 2h weapons. What is nice, is that all skills go with whatever combo of weapons you want to use. I'm basically setting up for skills without weapons in mind, that way I can just use the skills I like with the weapons I like and not really think about numbers like I had to in D2.

It's one thing I truly like about this new Diablo, any build with any weapon combo is viable. They did something right when doing it that way.

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