"An unexpected error occurred while trying...

Technical Support
to install. Please try again or contact Customer Support."

Anyone else run into this problem?

I've searched the forums and I haven't been able to find a solution to this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I've tried redownloading the ~40mb file. No luck.
Anyone? :(
Nope, just you
Make sure you have the US client. For some reason, Blizzard gave a lot of people (myself included) the EU version by default.
I found a solution but when I posted it here, it was deleted in 5 minutes. So here goes;

Run the installer in Windows XP Service pack 3 Or windows vista Service pack 2 compatibility mode. Suddenly it was all good.

I stand corrected it was moved to the tech forums.
Going through this worked for me.


give it a shot
Go to your battlenet download page, change the region from global (GB) to the region you are in.

It'll start a whole new download but if you go to the tech forums there's ways to adjust so you just have to dl the proper installer for your region.
You can TRY the fix above for compatibility mode but if that does not work...

This can be caused by an incorrect region being set. To change Region to Americas just click on the 'Pre download game client' on the right hand side and after the age screen you can change from Global or EU to US. You may have to download the client again though :/
Agreed, this fix did not work for a friend of mine, so peoples mileage may vary.
Glad I could help!

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