[SOLUTION] Installer corrupt files

Technical Support
I had this issue for a while and eventually realized that there were a bunch of .part files in the installer directory.


What I had was actually a copy of everything, I had the complete copy of all files but also a bunch of duplicated .part files. The installer would try to use the .part files instead of the actual complete files. Not sure how this happened but I deleted all the incomplete stuff and cleaned up the directory. Once that was done it all worked and installed properly.

Files that should be in the directory
Diablo III Setup.app [folder]
Diablo III Setup
Installer Tome 1.MPQE
Installer Tome 2.MPQE
Installer Tome 3.MPQE

Thats it, if you have any other files or folders you can safely delete them. Just in case I am wrong you could move/copy them somewhere else first. However I'm certain this is all I needed to install the game.

I hope this helps someone, Good Luck!

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