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If you are getting error 12 it is likely because your region is set to European or Asia. When you open the game up, click on options and change the region to the Americas. The error should now be 33 - which refers to the servers not being online.

There is some talk that digital download purchasers only have access to the America's region at launch, which is why we get error 12. It may be possible that those who have the hardcopy can log into a different region without error 12.

However do this at your own risk, as I have heard once you have made a character in a region you will have to wait for global play to unlock before you can move. Global play will not be activated on launch. As Australians are being allocated to the Americas logic would dictate you would want to play with most of them.
well there is the fact that if get past error 12 then you can play of asia right now i dont think i would miss you all to much for the first few weeks... :P and whats with that anyway why do the asia's get to play before everyone else!!!!
bloody iphone!! makes me look like i cant speak english!!!

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