Co-Op or single player mode?

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When the servers go live at 12:01 and (assuming blizzard doesn't have problems) what mode will you select?

Me personally as soon as i log in, i'm going to roll a witch doctor and start co-op questing at level 1 doing the 1st quest with other players.

I might co-op my way to inferno, but we will see...

What about everyone else? single or co-op when you log on in a couple of hours?
I plan to go solo for as long as I can. I have work at 8am but tonight I still want to spent some time in town getting familiar with NPC's and game controls. Do a quest or 2 and be level 5 by 3am or so. I am still trying to decide between making a Monk or a Witch Doctor. I have been a Diablo player since the original game and there was an add on for that which included a monk. I always loved that character and was bummed they never added it for D2. Witch Doctor just looks pretty fun though as I always enjoyed the Necro character in D2.
I'll start my own private game. Don't really want someone jumping in that I don't know given I'll be starting 4 hours or so later than everyone else.

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