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"Blizzard is also introducing a separate player vs player (PVP) mode called "Battle Arenas" to allow players to show off and face off against other players. They made PVP separate to remove griefing and help keep the focus on player vs monster (PVM) gameplay. This also allows for balancing of PVP without changing the PVM experience. PVP will not be available at release, as Blizzard reiterates some core PVP concepts, PVP game play, and experience. The company stated the PVP experience for Diablo III is not up to their expectation or quality standards. The system will be implemented via a patch later on."

Is there anyone else disappointed in this as I am ? I mean I can wait for the patch to come out to introduce the PVP but Battle Arenas seems a bit lame. I loved the PVP system in D2, and was hoping they would adopt/build upon it..

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