Really irritated at these download issues.

Technical Support

I don't expect you to read, respond or even care that a single user out of your millions of subscribers has a complaint.

I downloaded the game client some weeks ago thinking I would be good to go on install day. That was a massive disaster on my part. Now I am re-downloading the client again. As I read through the forum posts I see many people are experiencing the same issue.

I use Steam and never have issues with games released and downloaded through their service. Maybe you should have planned better. My speed test is rating me in the upper 8-9Mb range. Granted not breathtaking but more than adequate to pull better then 26.5 kb/s.


You really need to focus on what you are good at, games, and break off your download client and P2P capabilities to a 3rd party vendor that is better.
Try what was posted here in the second post:
Also, if the above link solves your issue, please post in it to give it a bump and keep it on the first page. Thanks. :)

It is really nice to have a community that is willing to help fix these types of issues. I suppose Blizzard needs to really start paying some of these folks a per incident fix basis.

While my download isn't exactly spinning like mad it did jump from the mid 20's to the 190 rang. Hopefully as I pick up more people it will get faster.

Thanks for this tip! It seemed to make things somewhat better. Just to be safe I also ran the installer as Administrator just to be safe.
Worked like a charm. Thanks for the tip.

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