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I live in Hong Kong and I have a US account.
I purchased a retail copy of Diablo III in Traditional Chinese.

Here are my errors:
If I try to play in Traditional Chinese, I get error 12, which I believe others are receiving.

If I change my language to English, I get error 84:
"The client does not match the account's native language.
Please use the game's original client. (Error_84)"

Before I bought the game, I read online that I would be able to change the language interface to English, so I would like to resolve the error 84 issue.

Either way, it is currently impossible for me to play in either language.
The same applies for me as well. I also live in Hong Kong, and a account, and i got the digital download. The problem with me is that I cannot read traditional chinese, and I get error 84 when I try playing in English.
Faced with the same problem here. Any replies from Blizzard as to how to resolve this?
I tried calling their Hong Kong hotline, it was closed. Called the US one. waited for 5+ minutes and no answer (As expected)
I have the same problem. Called the Taiwanese support but nobody picked up. I also submitted a ticket with no response. I really do hope this gets resolved.

And also, what in the world were the people in Blizzard thinking? People in China are complaining because they can't read traditional Chinese, they're used to simplified Chinese, I, as a foreigner in Taiwan cannot read traditional Chinese, and most of the gamers from Hong Kong speak English.
same here
When I brought my digital version
I claimed that Language Selected will not affect the server I pick.

So What's going on now Blizzard!!

We are disappointed!
Submitted a ticket, they obviously did not even read my ticket. They told me to just try logging in again, which was referring to error 37. Now waiting for another reply.

I believe error 12 is due to the digital version. I have the digital version, if that helps with any narrowing down of error 84.

This whole thing is ridiculous. Why have the option to change language if it gives you a error?

Now blizzard won't answer my ticket anymore after 9 hours.
In HK too, I can reach character creation in Traditional Chinese but cannot play in English (same error #84). Been online with Blizzard US for 20 mins still no answer.
I believe Error_84 is intentional and unless they make a change we are all stuck playing in Traditional Chinese!

Currently my only other option is to create a new ID using a US VPN IP address and buy another copy of Diablo. I can't even sell my Traditional Chinese version to a local HK'er because it's locked to my US account.
Same here, should have queue up at a game store....
Thats it, I will never use digital download again.
No point buying a game in a language that we can hardly understand.

Besides, why suddenly we have that localisation specific BS?
It never happened in WoW, not even in Starcraft II, whats the story now?
Ditto here as well.

I even asked in a ticket beforehand, submitted another one.

Real issue is that in the account, it also says 'global' and 'standard edition.'

Sincerely disappointing, but maybe if we keep this thread alive they'll eventually respond.
Same here, I spend 1 night for change language and finally got error_84 on my macbook, actually I accept play in "Asia" server (I'm AUS), but don't know chinese well....
Yes this is very disappointing. I'm here in Taiwan as well, and it seems that we could only buy Traditional Chinese version, but it doesn't feel like play Diablo at all (the translation is quite terrible). I agree that this limitation is quite ridiculous. Why restrict user to use only the languages they bought ? at least the International English version should be available to all users.
same, why nobody fix it?
same here, bump for a fix pls!
This bug greatly makes it very difficult for Americans/ native english speakers to enjoy the game properly ...
I'm just confused as to what benefits Blizzard or the people who are running it in the region get. Like, simplified help lines? Making sure everything is standard in one language? It's Blizzard, they can do quite a bit better than this. Please turn on English for all of us!
This needs a sticky , else its extremely displeasuring to not know that you cant play in your native language because it isnt fixed and especially after spending nearly 60 USD .

Sounds like Support is saying we can apply for a refund and then repurchase... only losing 3-5 days. I will await any word on my ticket as well, but at least it COULD be something.
is error 84 fixed?
It's not fixed, and according to the link to the topic that Gutock posted;

1.The "Global" tag was a lie. The Taiwan version is LOCKED to Chinese.

2.That means people who want to play Diablo 3 but only understand English that lives in Hong Kong/Macau/Taiwan are basically locked out of the game.

3.And apparently people who bought the digital version before the 15th have this locked version.

Please Blizzard. All we want you to do is remove the language restriction so we can understand and actually PLAY the game that we bought.

EDIT: I was able to call Blizzard, and confirmed we have a locked chinese version. The only thing that he could suggest is refunding it and buying a SEA version or other. Keep in mind I called US Blizzard, and not Blizzard TW. However he did say he will send a report so that they can look into it.

Further Edit:
kudos to sunberry to bringing this to light to several thousand more people.

And don't try calling Taiwan or Hong Kong/Macau. The line is flat.

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