error 37 what does it mean

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trying to log into my battle net account and im getting error 37
servers are busy atm,
wtf its 702 and im not playing
SAME here
/Sigh amateurs...
it mean u have been FOOLED sever isnt up for another 10years, LOL u got scamed 75$ :P
i'm having the smae problem. hopefully its not Australia and NZ wide and will be fixed soon.
Let me play already!!!!!
If you do get in, like me, good luck trying to create character. Keeps timing out
SIGH....... ten years waiting i suppose i can handle 10min. after that i cant take responsibility for my actions.
You would think since Blizz are the ones selling the game they would know exactly how many people have a copy for launch and cater to the ammount. You would also think having hosted WoW, D2 and StarCraft they would have experience at having big, stable servers, but apparently we over estimated them.
Error 37.....
tell me about it.. i think their netscalers have hit the cap max
No fair, NZ is at a disadvantage due to our one and only fibre cable out to the rest of the world!
same deal error 37
got to character screen, made character then, request timed out........ are u for real
1 hour and ONE MINUTE ... still cant even log in
comon Blizzard!
reason 'must be online play' sucked for this game lel. wanted to just play single player.
what the--- I am in the same boat.....

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