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but hey, what do ya know? they only invented the game, have servers capable of holding 11 million people in another game, but yet another release and no one can play.
Same issue here...waiting.
soooooo we just keep trying then?
I got something that didn't have a error code.
Can't create character. Invalid party.
It's server congestion, was bound to happen with a few million people hammering the servers
eff you guys i can't even log in...
Record 32+ replies and 500-ish views in 4 minutes flat. Woot!
Just Glad I made it this far!
Hopefully it'l be fixed soon, but this is definitely annoying
soooooo we just keep trying then?
Same as well. We are the 99% that cannot log in. :D
Its weird that its timing out twice, huh?

Everyone else give up so I can play :)
One thing that will suck is if we lose the names we want because the game won't stop timing out.
awe same here, kinda bummed oh well i guess ):
Same thing here. There must be others who've made it in though, no?
You can have any name you choose, your battle tag is what is unique
One of these decades Blizzard should prepare properly for a launch. I mean, seriously, they just need to rent some server space for the first week or so. It's just like hiring contractors for a short term project.

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