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THIS IS GREAT!!!!!! BEST EVER ................ *shakes head* ... takes day off work to play. GG blizz
Okay I hope it doesn't end up creating thirty different barbarians later.

Now I'm getting an error saying "Unable to create character due to party state." huh?
I thought I bought a single-player game with a multiplayer component. My mistake.
So require internet connection so Blizz can make few more bucks with their RMAH is great huh. Please sure 99.9% of everyone that complain about it saw this one coming.
made the mistake of hitting back now i am getting error 37 lol

off to bed
if they did the 12am est launch like we where told....this prob wouldnt happen most likely cause half or more would already been threw this and would be easyer for all to go in and not overload servers......nice blizz nice!
So you we close the game and reboot, becuase i can't even go back a page. Stuck in the class page. I don't want to lose my name.
Same thing here... has anyone had any luck and been able to make a character?
Maybe Blizzard didn't have enough cash or experience creating online games to have a successful launch...just saying.
im not mad about the error what I dont get is why they cant have sort of que function to put people in line so i can just wait, instead of pushing it over and over and over.
I cant create also.
From what it looks like on their twitter account, nobody has been able to log in and create a character.
Dittos here. I submitted a ticket, but mostly so they can track it, I can only imagine what it is like over there right now...
The game crashed on me during one of my "lol can't create a character" error screens, now I get nothing but 37's.

Epic fail on Blizzard's end.

I thought they were bringing the forums down to provide "more servers" for D3....

Oh, so you mean we can't just use the forum and web site server as a game server... ah crud well we thought we had an idea...
I wonder how the tech team feels right now.... haha poor guys.

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