Game installer downloading ultra slow.

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I started to download the installer yesterday and have been ex[eriencing extremely slow download speeds. Just wondering if anyone had any ideas to speed things up. Currently at the rate it's going I won't even have the game in time for release...

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
I think Blizzard's servers are getting hammered. This is why they suggested downloading the game last week.
Turn off Peer-to-Peer transfer. Boosted my speed a LOT!

Options/Download Preferences.
why did you wait until a week before launch? Good luck sir, some things are not best left to the will of procrastination.
I did two downloads since I got home from work. Both finished in under 2 hours.

Here is a thread in the tech support forums that might help your case:
Man oh man I should not have waited...
I tried turning off p2p but it did not help :(
Thank you SOO much! This saved the day :) you are a hero.

Thanks again.
Ive been downloading p2p all day at full throttle 6mb. p2p is a savior for games like this, except if something in your system/firewall/ISP is blocking it.
Kezmaefele :) Wish I could kiss you! .... ermmm, High five..
05/14/2012 07:01 PMPosted by Dustinmyass
Kezmaefele :) Wish I could kiss you! .... ermmm, High five..

So much love on launch day...

... maybe TOO much love!
Wvwv is correct. Disabling automatically detect settings worked for me as well.
Same here. When my DL works I'm getting 50kb/s.

Besides that, it crashes every 20 minutes. Thanks a lot for releasing a broken game blizz.

Solved all my download problems.

This... this!! and this!!

I spend the entire day trying to download a 60MB patch. While I was at work, only 6MB was downloaded. After I restarted the installer, another 10MB came in the span of 2 hours.

There was no way possible a Blizzard and Akamai CDN servers could be this overloaded. After finding that topic and following the steps, I have downloaded the entire patch in under a minute, at the speeds I am normally used to getting, +1 Mb/s.

I am baffled by the fact that Blizzard choose to use IE and wininet.dll as their network interface, but they did. Every single network call is going through IE backbone. *sigh*
this worked for me! now im getting 3.64 mb/s speed from 57kb/s thank you!
went from 86 kb/s to 3.9 mb/s with this, you have spared me many hours of insanity. thx Wvwv <3

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