Updating setup files stuck FIX

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ALRIGHT, so, What I did was went to C:\ProgramData\Battle.net
(by manually typing it in on my windows folder browser)

I then clicked on the Agent folder, and deleted it completely.
Then moved on to the Setup folder, and deleted Diablo3_enus

Then I crossed my fingers (important step DO NOT SKIP! :P)
then I ran the launcher again, and it worked perfectly, it stops for a small period now and again, and it updated slowly (instead of like on MY computer) but it worked.

I am figuring all this out for my wife... no clue why it's logged into her account on these forums on my computer, but hey :)

Hope this works for you guys!!!

this is one of many fixes that have worked for a variety of people, I hope this helps a few of ya.

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