I have the digital copy, but want a hard copy

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Will I have any trouble installing the game using the CDs if the digital copy is already on my account?
Not sure why you'd want to buy the game twice, but it'll work. You'll still have a second copy of the game to activate on a different Battle.net account later.
i got the game via a world of warcraft promotion and it asked me for my cd key but i never got one will i have to buy one?
Why would you do that? If you have already installed the game on your PC then you do not need to install it again. The digital version and the CD version are the same unless you got the Collector's Edition. In that case you would go to Account Management and apply the key there to upgrade the account. You would then lose the standard version due to the CE key overwriting it. This of course assumes it works like WoW which it should.

You shouldn't run into any issues. The digital and retail versions install the exact same data, except for the one on the DVD will be faster because it won't have to download a large part of the game, but it will have to download some patch data after the initial install has completed.
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you dont need it, you've already got it activated no need to worry about it since u got it through promo
Actually he might if he got a copy of the game from a promo on a third party web site. It is only automagically enabled if you got the game directly from Bliz through their promotion like the Annual Pass for WoW or through the Digital Pre-Purchase.

Check your account management to see if you have a copy of D3 on there. If so, click on it and it should show as Active. If you do not have D3 enabled then you need to follow up with whoever was involved with the promo.
Thanks everyone. And MissCheetah I got it through Blizz and it is active. Thanks anyway for the heads up :)
My mistake! I was answering Rogue up there who used your thread to ask his own question :)

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