GeForce GTS 360M Not supported?

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My friend tried launching the game and he got an error message saying his graphics card was not supported. He is using the GeForce GTS 360M, which is on the supported video card's page.

He recently upgraded his GPU and the driver software is fully up to date.

Anyone have a problem like this? What was the solution?
It's supported. Just hit the ESC key on that error message.
Afterwords he gets an error saying "This Graphics Card is Missing Required Features"

Uh, are you sure that's his video card, and are you sure that he's running the correct video card driver?

Press: Windows Key + R.

Type: dxdiag

Hit OK.

If it asks you a question, hit No.

Go to the Display (1) tab.

Tell us the Name and Chip Type that it says there.

Also tell us what it says for the Driver Version and Date.
Nvidia GeForce 260M
Verde 296.10

I misinterpreted the card he was using to be 360M, but it is indeed 260M – a card that is not supported. Sorry.

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