Error 12? How do I not have a license....

Technical Support
"This account does not have a Diablo III license attached to it. (Error 12)"

I got the annual pass, why does it say I have no licenses to play.....
Same problem here
same here its so frustrating! the digital version.
same here

Took 3 tries to finally get the game installed, and now I can't even play it. This game better be awesome, otherwise consider this a complete waste of 6 hours...
Same here :(
Same wth
Same problem here. I have Changed my battle net PW as a old topic recommended and still nothing.

*Edit* Fixed. Changed my log in region
also same
Did everyone here make sure to make a battle tag for their account?
gettin the same error, paid for my annual pass right after it was announced
same here
make sure you have the correct region selected. from the main screen select Options -> Account and ensure you are set to Americas or Europe based on where your battlenet account expects you to be.
same here.. gosh

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