Technical Support
It does not light up and allow me to click it on the login page
That makes at least two of us.. C'mon, I want in!
still grey :/
Using your email for the account name?
I am in the same boat.
I had the same problem but I used my battletag instead of my e-mail -- maybe that's the problem?
I have this same issue, I am guessing it means the servers arent up yet? if so that is not a user friendly way of letting us know...
Same Here, Nice to shell out 65 bucks and be locked out!
I am in the same boat.
Use your email address not your account name! Wont really matter thought because the servers are all busy.
my brother is playing and i cant log in <___<
You poor kids. You don't even know you are supposed to use your EMAIL address not BATTLE TAG
You have to use your email to get the button to highlight, but then you get the message the servers are full, error 37. LAME
Whats the matter Battlenet, not making enough money from all those WOW accounts to afford enough servers. Give me a !@#$ing break!

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