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3005 Is really boring, before we were at least excited to get 37 and get part of the way there. Now we are all just getting rejected instantly.
I'm stuck in the infinite loop of 3005's myself. -_-
UPDATE: After getting kicked, relogged and now getting 3006 at "retrieving hero list"
Well, thanks for completely ruining my night blizzard.

3005 is pretty much a slap in the face which tells you you're not even being considered to be failed to let in.
anyword....seems like all other errors are being handled...
getting this error, even though it wouldn't let me create the character on the one time I got to the char screen.

Ruined my night. 3005.

Love playing the log in game... I am still stuck on level 3005 is this inferno?
Lol they !@#$ed the people who wanted to play solo by not including an offline mode.
I'm getting tons of 3007's followed by the occasional 3005, is anyone else experiencing this?
Getting 3005 loop and I never got to any character creation screen
Now it checks everythign but still doesn't go through lol
Waiting in a queue would've been so much more endurable than this bologna. Who was the genius that decided that was a bad idea? Or did no one even think of adding it? hm.
The odd thing, 3005 comes up even if you enter an incorrect password. 3005 seems to only pop up after spamming the hell out of the login server...possibly an anti ddos feature?
Error 3005. Player has been disconnected. This just crushed my day. ><
I am also getting this, meh.
We're lanning at a friends house. Would this affect DC problem for us?
It seems like with the 3005 error you're not getting any closer to getting in....at least with 37 you know you just gotta keep going.
3005 over and over and over and over and over.

Me and both of my roommates.

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