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I am having very stubborn issues trying to install D3 on my mac, this is the rundown:

-Downloaded presale installer (appeared to download installer fine, no .part files in the install dir)
-Running mac os x 10.6.8 on a macbook pro
-After starting the installer, everything goes fine until it asks whether I have an activated version of the game, whether I click on already activated or needing to be activating I get the "Unexpected error occurred while trying to install. Please try again or contact customer service." error i.e.- does not even begin to install

What I have tried/got so far:

-plenty of hardrive space
-game is definitely activated according to profile
-numerous restarts/shut downs
-clearing all background processes/apps
-deleted folder in users/shared
-don't have filevault or filevault 2
-HDD is formatted as Mac OS Extended (Journaled) (also have bootcamp partition however not installing/running though it)
-No proxy/router issues
-repaired disk permissions

Tried running the installer download again to the same install dir however now the downloader gives me an "This download is not authorized" error

Solved. Tried redownloading the downloader, which checked the installer, which apparently was missing 20 Mb even though it had previously finished.

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