Random Crashing

Technical Support
my computer shuts off completely, this does not happen in any particular spot, nothing particular has to happen, i noticed it in the BETA as well, my computer will randomly crash while playing D3, normally around the time im killing the skeleton king (from what ive noticed after making multiple toons), although it doesnt appear to happen in any particular place/dungeon/floor/room/etc... my computer is not hot, battery life is at 100% and connected to the ac adapter

i have 8GB of ram, core i7 processor, AMD Radeon HD 5850 gfx card

as much as this sounds like a hardware issue, ive been working on computers for 10 years, and it only happens when playing D3, i run WoW @ ultra settings, and i raid weekly with no stutters, so this is obviously some sort of bug or memory leak, causing the hardware to shut down

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